10 Fun Gadgets From The ’80s That You Can Still Buy Today


Smartphones and social media may not exist yet, but the 80s were an age of incredible innovation, and the gadgets that paved the way for our current technology can be found all over Amazon today. Back then, shoppers could put a cassette into their Sony Walkman and tune out the world — but they had to go to the mall in person to get those deals. Blast the Bananarama and use Amazon Prime to take advantage of shipping that looked absolutely futuristic 40 years ago.

Now, shoppers can get the biggest savings on a variety of ’80s gadgets, most of which come with some updates to integrate them with current electronics. Whether shoppers like music, home accessories or games, they can explore the world of simulation with these rad products.

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QFX J-220BT ReRun Boombox

List price: $54.99

Deal price: $39.22 (29% off)

QFX J-22OBT ReRun Boombox Amazon Product Shoot

For shoppers looking for ’80s street cred by slung their speakers over their shoulders, they can get the best experience of all eras with the QFX J-22OBT ReRun Boombox, the perfect fusion of analog and modern technology. Not only can it play tapes and AM/FM radio, but it can also record them to a USB flash drive and transmit them via Bluetooth up to 30 feet, perfect for setting up at a pool party or epic breakdancing competition.

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Boombox was all the rage in the ’80s, and now with these savings, they’re perfect for bringing a retro vibe to WFH days and backyard rebates. One Amazon reviewer exclaimed: “What I love about this player is that you can adjust the bass and treble to your liking, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any electronics with these features. The sound is great. Plays Clear. My old tapes played perfectly and sounded great.”

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Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera Gift Set

List price: $199.99

Deal price: $179.99 (10% off)

Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera Amazon Product Shoot

  • Available in black, white, yellow, gold, mint and red

Polaroid cameras have made a comeback in recent years, especially since many are compatible with current technology. The Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera Gift Bundle ensures shoppers have everything they need to attend an event without sacrificing savings on style.

The 80s were about living in the moment, and with a kit that includes a Polaroid camera, 16 films, a handy strap, and an album, sharing those precious memories has never been easier or more fun. The perfect gift for anyone looking for a tangible keepsake from that moment, like a wedding or birthday, the selfie feature provides more control for more editorial shots.

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List price: $21.99

Deal price: $20.96 (5% off)

Hasbro Simon Gaming Amazon Product Shoot

Get ready for hours of fun with Hasbro’s interactive memory game, Simon, that lets players see if they can repeat “Simon Says”. The Simon device displays a series of lights and sounds that must be repeated by pressing the colored pad to advance to the next round. What started out as a leisurely race quickly turned into a quick one.

Simon is a classic 80s game that kids can play at sleepovers or parties when the suspense is building, with overly complicated patterns that keep everyone laughing. Shoppers looking to see if they still have what they need or challenge others as a gift should take advantage of this nostalgic game offer.

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retro game console

List price: $29.99

Deal price: $23.99 (20% off) – use coupon for an additional 5% off

Retro Game Console Amazon Product Shoot

Any shopper looking to recreate Saturday morning memories of playing video games on a classic Nintendo console will be delighted with this Infityle retro console. Unlike the 80s version, this console offers hundreds of games without inserting a cassette, meaning family members can have fun faster.

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Best of all, with these savings, this console is a fraction of the original NES. One Amazon reviewer was nostalgic: “This is a great gift for a great price. Reminds me of my old gifts. Always showing kids the games I grew up with so it’s fun.”

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GPX Portable Tape Player

List price: $24.99

Deal price: $17.27 (31% off)

GPX Portable Tape Player Product Shot

Before smartphones, iPods, and other small music devices, gadgets like the GPX portable tape player were the portable music player of choice. The Sony Walkman was the first product to hit the market in the late 1970s, and by the 1980s the “Walkman” (regardless of the brand name) was ubiquitous, becoming a favorite among those just entering the fitness craze.

Cassette players aren’t just for shoppers with large tape collections – there are plenty of artists who still release music in different mediums, and cassette tapes have become as popular as vinyl records.The device (and Bjork’s vulnerabilitynow available on tape) would be the perfect gift for an audiophile.

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QFX RETRO-39 Shoebox Recorder

List price: $33.99

Deal price: $31.28 (8% off)

QFX Retro-39 Shoebox Recorder Amazon Product Shoot

Attention all mixtape lovers! The QFX Retro-39 Shoebox Cassette Recorder offers the retro look of 80s shoebox cassette recorders while putting the power to harness universal sensibilities directly in their hands. Harness the nostalgia of a bygone explosion by mixing like a pro with a variety of mics that capture each unique soundtrack, or use it to digitally preserve important tapes from a bygone era.

Back in the ’80s, music fans had to sit in front of the radio hoping that DJs wouldn’t talk about their favorite songs, hoping to turn them into the ultimate declaration of love and friendship. Best of all, it has a place for a thumb drive with shopper’s best playlist MP3s.

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GPD Microcomputer

List price: $699.99

Deal price: $639.99 (9% off)

GPD Micro PC Amazon Product Shoot

The 1980s was a time of great innovation, especially when it came to microprocessors, and “pocket computers” were all the rage. They may look different now, but the GPD Micro PC exists the same as its portable predecessor. Palmtops may look like powerful calculators, but they function similarly to how today’s shopper uses a keyboard on a modern laptop.

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This version of the pocket PC is extremely low power, yet features 8GB of RAM, a full keyboard, and a 6-inch screen with Gorilla Glass-protected HD graphics. For anyone who wants the versatility of a laptop with the power of a tablet, this is the mini PC for the job.

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List Price: $229.00

Deal price: $149.00 (35% off)

Bose SoundLink Over-Ear Wireless Headphones II

  • Available in black and white

Over-ear headphones may be all the rage these days, but in the ’80s over-ear headphones were the most common choice, and the Bose SoundLink Over-Ear Wireless Headphones II are one of the best on the market. With this deal, shoppers can enjoy all the comfort of these analog-era headphones with all the flexibility of a wireless design.

With rich, immersive sound, Bluetooth technology, and 15 hours of use on a 3-hour charge, they have all the modern conveniences in a shape and look that pays homage to the days of shoppers Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Def with a leopard in their ear banging.

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reference telescope

List price: $439.99

Deal price: $129.99 (70% off)

Reference Telescope Amazon Product Shoot

The 80s were the era of sci-fi movies and space exploration.This star wars The trilogy is in full swing, and the first female American astronaut, Sally K. Ride, travels to space aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. Children install binoculars in their windows in hopes of seeing NASA rockets, UFOs and other exciting phenomena in the night sky.

Now, the Gereferen telescope makes stargazing both exciting and affordable. With an easy tool-free setup and 16X to 120X magnification, shoppers can spend hours tracking the sky, or gift it to a budding astronomer in life.

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List price: $28.85

Clapper Amazon Product Shoot

Before the advent of Bluetooth technology, the Clapper was the closest thing to a smart home accessory today. After plugging in a regular desk lamp, the lamp can be turned on and off with a simple clap of hands, and the device is still available today.

Today, The Clapper is more sophisticated, allowing for Home Away options and connecting multiple devices, but it’s still the same trusted home accessory it always has, and it’s way ahead of its time.

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