Amazon unveils Sparrow a new AI powered robot


Amazon sparrow

Amazon has launched Sparrow, a new AI-powered robot designed to be used in their fulfillment centers.

The robot will be used to pick items before they are packaged and sent to customers, a job currently done by Amazon employees.

Amazon sparrow

Sparrow represents a major advance in the state-of-the-art in industrial robotics. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), Sparrow can identify and process millions of items. Last year, our employees around the world picked, stored or packed approximately 5 billion packages, or more than 13 million packages per day, powered by Amazon technology. Robotics enables us to work smarter, not harder, to operate efficiently and safely.

Beyond Sparrow’s technological advancements, what we’re really excited about is the impact of the technology and the ways in which it will benefit our employees and customers. Working with our staff, Sparrow will take on repetitive tasks, allowing our staff to focus their time and energy on other things while also improving safety. At the same time, Sparrow will help us improve efficiency by automating key parts of our fulfillment process so we can continue to serve our customers.

You can find more details on Amazon’s new Amazon Sparrow AI-powered robot at the link below.

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