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If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple Pencil, iPad stylus, you might be interested in the new crowdfunding campaign for the NovaPlus A8 Duo. The NovaPlus A8 Duo has all the basic features of an Apple stylus such as magnetic charging, interchangeable, tip, tilt sensitivity and more, but also offers several unique features such as a USB-C port for charging (if needed, but still available) Compatible with iPad.

The A8 Duo works with some of the most popular creative apps on the App Store, including Procreate, Goodnotes, Notability, and more.The creative project is now available for a special early bird deal for around $100 or £87 (depending on current exchange rate).

“NovaPlus, maker of the award-winning 7 Pro Stylus Pen, announces the A8 Duo Stylus Pen, a brand new stylus that works right out of the box with all of Apple’s newest iPad products. It’s not made by Apple , but the NovaPlus A8 Duo matches most of the advantages of the Apple Pencil, and in some cases even exceeds them. It is a highly accurate writing and drawing tool that provides a smooth, lag-free experience.”

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Global shipments are expected to be around January 2023, assuming the NovaPlus A8 Duo funding campaign successfully raises the required commitment targets and manufacturing progresses well. To learn more about the NovaPlus A8 Duo iPad stylus project, play the promotional video below.

Apple Pencil Alternative

“The NovaPlus A8 Duo is a stylus that combines convenience and accessibility. Gone are the days of awkward charging and expensive replacement nibs, the Nova A8 Duo is great value for money while continuing to support us Great features everyone knows and loves.”

“The A8 Duo supports wireless charging from the iPad. With the help of embedded magnets, you can attach the stylus to the side of the iPad and keep it charged at all times. But if you prefer to stick with the dongle life, we’re all for it. Using the USB-C charging port, the stylus can be fully charged in 40 minutes.”

For a complete list of all available early bird commitments, stretch goals, additional media and engineering specs for the iPad Pen, click the link below to jump to the official NovaPlus A8 Duo crowdfunding campaign page.

Source: Indiegogo

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