Arduino Make Your UNO Kit


Arduino Make Your UNO Kit

If you’re interested in learning how to solder and code, you might be interested in a new electronics kit in the form of the Arduino Make Your UNO kit. Designed to let you build, code and solder your own Arduino UNO microcontroller board by installing each component. The kit is included in a presentation box with all the components needed to start a soldering and programming project using the Arduino platform. The $58.50 Arduino Make Your UNO kit is now available worldwide directly from the official Arduino online store.

“The first Arduino UNO was launched in 2005 with the express purpose of making it accessible to everyone with an idea through a simple and open interface. Technology has evolved over the years, but we never forget The initial excitement of so many makers opening up countless possibilities. Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is a natural extension of a story that will shape the makers of tomorrow, a step from the past to a glorious future.”

Arduino UNO Kit

Arduino Make Your UNO Kit

“Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiastic maker, or a curious musician, the Arduino Make Your UNO kit is the perfect gift for a 100% fun guaranteed experience (allow yourself to be rewarded)! After learning comes the fun part – Arduino Make The uniqueness of Your UNO Kit doesn’t just come from assembly. At the end of the process, you’ll have a fully functional synth that can create tunes to your own personal beats.”

“The Arduino Make Your UNO Kit is also the first in a series of more sustainable productions: the packaging is in FSC certified paper and converts into a container for the synth. Plus, even a practice soldering board can easily be used as a keychain, to minimise waste.”

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