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big book on computing

If you want to learn more about computing or teach the subject to students of all ages, you might be interested in a new book published by the official Raspberry Pi, Foundation team.following the previous The Big Book of Computational Education, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the release of a special edition of Hello World’s computing content.This big book on computing is the second special edition of the series, designed to showcase the breadth of knowledge and skills encompassed by this evolving subject.

The book features about transitioning from block-based programming to text-based programming, engaging ethical children in artificial intelligence, embedding digital skills throughout the curriculum, and more.

big book on computing

“The second special edition of Hello World is here! While our first special edition focused on how we teach computing, the Big Book of Computing focuses on what we can teach. From data and information, to the effective use of tools, Moving on to artificial intelligence, this book explores what we mean by computing, and aims to provide a common language to describe different fields of study and capabilities, providing you with an indispensable companion for understanding a wide range of fields. The knowledge contained in this evolving in the subject.”

“This book complements our first special edition, so it follows the same principles of introducing you to the latest research, followed by stories from our favorite past Hello World issues, educators like you These have been put into practice.”

The new Special Edition of the Big Book of Computing Content is now available for free download via the link below.

Source: RPiF

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