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iPhone got hacked
Many of us tend to think that Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are the most reliable options on the market when it comes to security. While this is largely true, even the most protected devices have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Recently, Apple warned users of a vulnerability that could allow hackers to take control of the operating system, execute external code, and infect devices with malicious apps and web content.

Although iOS is more protected than Android, you shouldn’t blindly trust that all files are completely safe. Following the best security advice is the surest way to protect your data.

Is it possible to hack an iPhone?

The short answer is – yes, iPhones can be hacked. This statement applies to any digital device.

But that doesn’t mean any iPhone user should start worrying about falling victim to a cyber attack right away. Apple has put a lot of effort into creating a closed and secure iOS system. This means many security methods to protect your iPhone from hackers and malware.

Cracking iOS code is very difficult, so cybercriminals often exploit users’ ignorance of security rules as the easiest way to crack an iPhone. This means that human error and unwise user behavior are the main reasons why devices get hacked. So it’s crucial to know how to protect your device from hackers and what to do if your iPhone gets hacked.

How to Check if Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

Cybercriminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to gain access to devices. A new study from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany has found that an iPhone can be hacked even when it is turned off. The latest iOS 15 added a feature that allows users to find their iPhone when it’s turned off. Therefore, hackers use this feature to hack into iPhones via Bluetooth and install malware on the device.

This research confirms the idea that we can never be sure if our devices have been hacked. That’s why it’s crucial to check your iPhone if you see any suspicious signs or unusual activity on your device.

Here’s how to find out if your iPhone has been hacked:

  • Check installed applications. It is normal to download and run many different applications on your iPhone. Versatility is one of the reasons we love smartphones so much. But it’s best to immediately uninstall any apps you don’t recognize or remember to install.
  • Check battery consumption. When we play games or perform resource consuming tasks for a long time, iPhone may get hot. However, if your phone keeps overheating and the battery drains very quickly, it could be a sign of hacking.
  • Use special codes. This may be new to many users. But there is actually a dedicated phone hacking code that you can use to check if your iPhone has been hacked.For example, if you call *#twenty one#, You can determine if your device has been tapped.
  • Watch out for pop-ups and changes in your browser. You may see many different ads as you browse. However, seeing a lot of noisy pop-ups that you can’t close can be a sign of adware. You should also look for unauthorized browser changes to find out if your iPhone has been hacked. Your homepage might change on its own, or you might notice a lot of bookmarks being added to unfamiliar sites you don’t recognize.

How to protect your iPhone from hackers

As mentioned earlier, hackers can take advantage of human error and ill-advised behavior to gain access to devices. That’s why it’s important to follow general security practices to keep your iPhone safe.

Tips to protect your iPhone from hackers:

  • Install the latest update. You should always update your operating system, installed applications and download the latest security patches.
  • Use a VPN. Internet networks, especially when using public Wi-Fi, can be used to hack the iPhone. A VPN will encrypt your connection and change your IP address to hide your device from hackers.
  • Protect your password. You should always use strong, complex passwords and set up two-factor authentication whenever possible. Using password management software is also a great way to keep your passwords safe.
  • Use mobile security software. Antivirus and antimalware can detect and block malware attacks and provide effective advice on protecting your device. Clario is just one example of mobile security software. There are many more available in the market like Avast, Norton and Bitdefender.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. This will ensure that no one can connect wirelessly to your device without your consent or approval.

in conclusion

The iPhone is one of the most secure phones you can buy. Unfortunately, however, they are not completely invulnerable to hackers. That’s why being vigilant about how to check and protect your iPhone from hackers is the best way to keep your device completely safe.

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