Gadgets deteriorating body structure, hump developing


Humpback, curved claws, 90-degree straight elbows, double eyelashes; the human body could develop into something like this in the future. The use of technology exceeds our needs and transforms our bodies. According to research by American experts, due to the excessive use of smartphones, laptops and TVs, there is a possibility that the human body structure has changed and 3D images have been developed.

Our lifestyles are reducing the volume of our brains, says technologist Jason O’Brien. Caleb Backe, a health expert at Maple Holistics, says sitting in the same position for hours on end at the office and at home puts pressure on our spines, so our backs can’t stay straight and start to curve. Therefore, the muscles of the neck need more work to support the head. She added that when in one position for a long time, the body accepts the same position, which increases the likelihood of a hump in the human back.


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