Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Best Gadgets


There are some supernatural oddities nearby, but the nemesis inside Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed Has gadgets to conquer various ghost entities.exist Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashedin addition to the well-known primary gear like the Proton Pack and PKE Meter, players have access to up to 4 secondary gadgets, but the choice of available gadgets is up to the player to unlock them.

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When it comes to secondary gear, players automatically start equipping VADs, which function like grappling hooks, but unlike primary gear, they cannot be upgraded. Still, ghosts get tougher as the player levels up, and support gear can be crucial for catching more devious ghouls. However, there is no denying that some are more valuable and better than others.

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In video games, there’s often nothing better than zooming in on a map for dramatic entry or a quick escape with a grappling hook, which is essentially VAD. Players can quickly access the upper map by simply pressing RB on the Xbox controller, especially since all ghosts have the significant advantage of flight and quick escape.

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However, the player can only hang the VAD on the green icon on the stair railing, so the player cannot hang it anywhere they like. James Bond Probably with his watch and a range of unusual gadgets. The player must be close to the fighting icon to use it.

radar package

The Radar Pack is unlocked when the player reaches level 20, and it is sometimes a handy ghost detection kit in addition to the PKE meter. Players must press RB on the Xbox controller to deploy a device that emits a pulsing green light to detect ghosts and ghost cracks, so it’s a handy addition for players caught up in the search.

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However, the radar pack has a limited radius, and when deployed, the battery drains until its light turns red, so players must constantly retrieve it to recharge it before redeploying. However, it’s a handy backup when players blow up ghosts with their PKE meter and put them on cooldown.


Ionizers are invaluable when it comes to capturing stronger and faster ghosts Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed. When used properly, they can significantly slow down fast-moving ghosts, such as evasive dark ghosts, making them the perfect time to throw and open ghost traps. When RB is pressed to throw, they explode and release yellow gas that slows the ghost, but the player must throw them close to the target.

While players can only carry 3 Pods, they can resupply on the Gear Cart.They can also stick to any surface like Bond’s sticky grenades the world is not enough Video games or proximity mines golden eye.

Ecto Goggles

Ecto goggles are the best and trendiest way to catch ghosts Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed And it’s technically unlocked when the player reaches level 50, but some players may find they can use it faster.

looks like sam fisher dividing cells, Ecto Goggles also turns the player’s field of view into a green night vision mode. They top the list as significant game changers, allowing players to see ghosts and cracks hidden in objects from a distance, as well as ghost portals. They also don’t drain any battery life without re-powering. However, they will be knocked down if they are slimed, but the player can re-equip them by simply pressing RB.

Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed Playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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