Jesse Gold recruits Marc E. Bassy for steamy new single ‘Go Go Gadget’


Jesse Gold, What I Love Studio Photos

On Friday, Jesse Gold released his impressive new if not now EP, now released via Set Records.

The Toronto-based artist’s new projects include his standout single “All Over Again,” which we featured on Big Obsession released earlier this year. But now, he’s done it with his track “Go Go Gadget,” a collaboration with Variance favorite Marc E. Bassy, ​​which is included on the new EP.

“I wrote ‘Go Go Gadget’ over two years ago, and it’s been sitting on the shelf since then,” Gold recalls of this more hilarious collaboration. “Something about it has never been as battered as I wanted it to be. Having Marc E. Bassy on board changed everything. He brought the energy to the song that I originally envisioned. I’m a fan of him, and in this song Hearing his voice is surreal. I’m very happy with the result.”

Check out “Go Go Gadget” and the full EP now.


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