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Family TV series

The first trailer for the upcoming new horror film TV series Kindred has been released, giving us a glimpse into the series’ storyline and characters.Based on the acclaimed 1979 book of the same name Octavia E.ButlerThe series tells the story of a young aspiring writer who uncovers the secrets of her family’s past when she finds herself mysteriously pulled back in time to a 19th-century plantation. Check out the first trailer below to learn more.

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Family TV series

“The novel is generally classified as science fiction, although Butler himself (in a 1991 interview with Randall Kennan in Callaloo magazine) described the book as fantasy rather than science fiction: “Kind is fantasy. I mean literally, it’s fantasy. There is no science in vampires. I mean, if someone told me something was science fiction, I would expect to find something related to science in it.Or for example, wild seeds [a later novel by Butler] There’s more to science fiction than most people realize. “

“The protagonist is dealing with medicine, but she just doesn’t know what to say. Kindred has absolutely no science involved. Not even time travel. I don’t use a time machine or anything like that. Time travel just puts the character back on where she came from. the wrist of.”

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