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Here’s our roundup of the latest gadgets that are the perfect addition to your shopping list

Keep a “smart” watch
Godrej’s Ace Pro is a WiFi-enabled home camera with tons of smart features and the option to view real-time information from your smartphone. Easily set up a 3MP cam in minutes. It has a built-in microphone and speaker for voice communication, you can view and record feeds when necessary, and it supports up to 128GB of storage, motion tracking with pan and tilt to help you focus, night vision Great results for details in the dark. The Godrej Ace app is also supported through the iOS and Play Store.

Conference escalation
Beyerdynamic’s Space combines the superb sound quality of music playback with the best speech intelligibility for calls. A stylish, portable speakerphone that works well at home or in the office. It can also be paired with another for spatial stereo. Full-duplex audio allows participants to speak and be heard at the same time. Battery life is up to 20 hours; it connects via BT and USB.beyerdynamic


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