LG’s Stretchable Screen Promises a Future of Shatter-Proof Tech


One demonstrates the flexibility of LG's new 12-inch high-resolution OLED panel.

picture: LG

The price of gadgets will only continue to rise, making the sting of accidentally dropping your smartphone or tablet and watching the screen shatter into thousands more painful. But what if the screen is the most durable part of a touchscreen device?? This is a future that I have prepared for and that LG is working towards.

There seems to be no end to the benefits of OLED screens. They consume less power, make devices thinner and lighter, and they far outperform LCD and older display technologies in terms of image quality, with vibrant colors and pleasing contrast ratios.Unlike LCD panels, OLED screens can also be designed to be bendable and stretchable without compromising their performance or cause any permanent damage.

We’ve seen devices like TVs and computer monitors have permanent curves to better fill the user’s peripheral vision, and even Screens that can be flattened again For users who want to switch frequently between the two display modes. But LG is working hard to bring the flexibility of OLED to smaller devices, and today released the world’s first 12-inch panel that is both flexible and stretchable, Like a giant rubber band, improving its resistance to wear and tear.

A person demonstrates the stretchability of LG's new 12-inch high-resolution OLED panel.

picture: LG

The 12-inch panel can display full-color RGB images (LG didn’t specify how many colors it can reproduce) and a resolution of 100PPI. That’s a bit behind the resolution of screens like the 12.9-inch panel in the iPad Pro, which Hit 264PPI, but put the iPad on the pavement and you’ll probably wish you had LG’s latest and greatest in it.

Outside the rigid frame of a tablet or desktop monitor, this 12″ panel can stretch a full 2″ to 14″ diagonally, then quickly return to its original size without warranty claims. Its underlying structure uses an S-shaped microwire structure that acts like a spring to accommodate stretching, and while the technology isn’t yet to the point where a tablet can be shattered and tucked into a pocket like a handkerchief, it’s powered by a connecting electronics The device’s ribbon cable, which provides power and drives the image on the screen — LG believes it’s one step closer to a potential use case for extending OLED displays.

do you remember when BMW wraps an SUV in color-changing black and white E Ink Screen earlier this year? Imagine the car turned into a rolling animated billboard at night, but it could easily survive a slight fender bend when other drivers are inevitably distracted.


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