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Enjoy great coffee away from home with these portable coffee gadgets. Yes, we are collecting ultralight coffee machines, high quality mugs and more.

You don’t have to be at home to brew yourself a good cup of coffee. In fact, there are plenty of barista-grade gadgets sized to fit in your backpack. So you can take them camping, work and weekend trips. They’re the must-have coffee gadgets you’ll need on the go, and we’re collecting them today.

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For a great espresso when hiking the woods or visiting my grandmother’s house, we love the WACACO Picopresso. Only the size of a coffee cup, this handheld espresso machine grinds and brews premium espresso.

And, of course, you need a good mug to transport your joe. One of our favorites is the Carter Move Mug and Sliding Lock Lid. Its lid slides open easily for easy sipping during your commute.

Enjoy great coffee anytime, anywhere with these portable coffee makers.

1. The MOMENTEM double burr coffee grinder fits into your backpack and grinds coffee beans in two steps, making delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

MOMENTEM in YouTube videos

Grind your own coffee beans anywhere MOMENTEM Double Burr Coffee Grinder.It’s sized for travel and relies on a professional two-step grinding process to create great coffee. Also, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Get it on the official website for $349.

2. The WACACO Picopresso Handheld Portable Espresso Machine grinds and extracts espresso into a cup-sized shape. Perfect for camping, travel and home.

Essential coffee gadgets and accessories you need on the go
WACACO Picopresso in use

Whether you are camping or relaxing at home, WACACO Picopresso Handheld Portable Espresso Machine Make sure you can enjoy a proper espresso anywhere. It offers finely ground and creamy shots in an ultra-compact form.

Get it on Amazon for $129.90.

3. The Carter mobile mug and slide lock lid has a sloping lid for easy commuting. It’s perfect for your to-go coffee.

Carter Mobile Mug and Sliding Lock Lid
Carter mobile mug and sliding lock lid in use

When you have the Carter mobile mug and sliding lock lid, you can easily sip coffee while driving to work. It opens easily with a flick of your thumb. Thanks to its sloping design, it slides on and off with ease. At the same time, the ceramic interior keeps your coffee flavors pure, which is why it’s on our list of must-have coffee gadgets.

Buy it on the official website for $20.63.

4. The Leverpresso Pro Portable Lever Espresso Machine weighs less than a kilo and can brew barista-grade espresso beverages anywhere.

Essential coffee gadgets and accessories you need on the go
Leverpresso Pro in the kitchen

Another portable espresso machine we like is Leverpresso Pro Portable Liver Espresso Machine. It is completely manually operated and comes with a pressure gauge for better control. These together with the IMS Competitive Line filters provide impressive extractions.

Get it on the official website for $325.

5. The Ui Self-Heating Mug Set Collection is perfect for office use. It keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature and wirelessly charges your smartphone.

Essential coffee gadgets and accessories you need on the go
UI self-heating mug set series white

Enjoy hot coffee while using the Ui Self-Heating Mug Set Collection. Use it to keep coffee or other hot beverages at 130°F. What’s more, the Ui Plus set has a dual-purpose charging pad that can heat your mug and charge your phone.

Get it on the official website for $28.

6. Fellow Carter Mobile Coffee Cup Fits easily into your car’s cup holder. Stylish, this is a travel mug you’ll be proud of.

carter movers
Fellow Carter moving white coffee cup

Upgrade your to-go coffee with the Fellow Carter Move coffee mug. It highlights modern design in pastel colors. What’s more, it keeps your coffee warm, has a splash guard, and fits most cup holders. This is one of our favorite must-have coffee gadgets.

Get it on the official website for $22.50.

7. The CORKCICLE Daydream Coffee Mug inspires and relaxes with its soft, dreamy design. Even better, it keeps your coffee warm for up to 3 hours.

CORKCICLE Daydream Coffee Cup
CORKCICKLE Daydream Coffee Cup Front View

Looking for a workspace coffee mug? Check out the CORKCICLE Daydream coffee mug. Its triple insulation layer keeps coffee hot for up to 3 hours. In addition, the fixed bottom prevents spills, and the stainless steel material does not produce strange smells. With its serene design, it’s definitely one of those must-have coffee gadgets.

Get it on the official website for $37.95.

8. The ESPRO P0 Ultra Light French Press is a smart choice for travel-savvy coffee lovers. It creates cafe quality coffee.

ESPRO P0 with people

Get the right coffee, even on the go, with the ESPRO P0 ultralight French press. Its ultra-light design adds imperceptible weight to your backpack or luggage. Even better, it brews great coffee in just 4 minutes.

Get it on Amazon for $49.95.

9. The OutIn Mini pocket espresso machine uses lightweight materials. It works with capsules and ground coffee.

Essential coffee gadgets and accessories you need on the go
OutIn Mini Black

Enjoy high-quality coffee indoors and out with the OutIn Mini compact espresso machine. Weighing less than 640 grams, it won’t overburden your bag. Then, the 20-bar pump system delivers barista-grade crema, which is why we’ve included it in our roundup of must-have coffee gadgets.

Get it on the official website for $129.99.

10. The KINTO To Go tumbler is beautifully designed to last. This mug resists spills, opens/closes easily and retains flavor.

Essential coffee gadgets and accessories you need on the go
KINTO To Go Tumbler Color Options

Infuse yourself with Japanese designer-inspired caffeine with the KINTO To Go Tumbler. Its clean lines and muted colors make it a pretty mug. The latest version has an anti-spill plug that opens and closes quickly.

Get it on the official website for $40.

Yes, with these portable coffee gadgets and accessories, you can enjoy great coffee even on the go. What’s your favorite travel-friendly coffee maker?

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