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article – Today I released episode 7 of the Gadgeteer Video Podcast, luckily number 7, and the topic of the podcast is my 7 favorite minimalist wallets. Let’s check.

1. ID wallet

The IDENTITY Card wallet is my long-time favorite because it has the smallest form factor while still allowing me to retrieve and reinsert my cards very easily. Cutouts on each side allow you to use your thumb to slide the card out of the slot. It fits in the front pocket of any pants I happen to be wearing without adding any bulk. It’s also made of carbon fiber, so it’s very lightweight. The only small downside is that it doesn’t hold cash, which caused me to switch to a different wallet. You can read my review of IDENTITY Card wallets, unfortunately they are no longer made/sold so you can’t buy them to try them yourself. It’s a real shame.

2. Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet

This wallet combines two things that I love. Minimalist design and leather. I use this wallet when I need to carry a little cash with me. It’s a little bigger in profile than the wallet above, but not by much. It does a great job and feels great in the hand. You can read my review of the Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet and buy one for $56 and up depending on leather and style (they have wallets with flaps and more pockets). For more information, visit

3. Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

I’ve been carrying a Waterfield zip purse with me every day to the office for several years, keeping it in my bag. Waterfield’s zippered wallets are well made and look like they’re built to last. The fact that they close with a locking zipper means you can stuff them with cards, cash, receipts, coins, keys, and more without worrying about anything falling out. The Finn wallet is small enough to fit in the front pocket of women’s jeans/pants. Check out my Waterfield Designs Finn Leather Wallet review for more info.

4. Trayvax Summit Wallet

Trayvax Summit was my favorite before the IDENTITY wallet. Like IDENTITY, Trayvax is only larger than the credit cards it holds. This one has some extra features including lanyard or carabiner loop attachment points and RFID resistance. You can read my review of the Trayvax Summit Minimalist wallet or visit

5. Bellroy Flip Case Wallet

Not only is the Bellroy Flip Case wallet small and stylish, it’s easy to use. The unique design features a molded leather case and flap magnetic doors on either side of the wallet. This wallet can even hold several folded bills. You can read my Bellroy Flip Case wallet review for more details and watch the video below where I’ll show how it works.

6. AKEENi XSTO wallet

The IDENTITY wallet (the first on this list) is my favorite first minimalist wallet. The only downside to the wallet is the inability to carry cash and sometimes I have a hard time getting it out of the card. AKEENi XSTO wallet does not have these problems. It also doesn’t hurt that it has my logo on it, which is obviously cool. Read my AKEENi XSTO minimalist wallet review for more details.

7. Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet

The Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet has become my latest favorite minimalist wallet. I love this because it is made of leather and I love leather goods. I even make leather magazine covers myself. This wallet can hold cards and cash, so it fits my two must-have wallet feature boxes. Topsider Mini is available in a variety of colors, and you can also choose a stitching color. I like undyed raw leather because it changes and darkens over time. You can read my Open Sea Leather Topsider Mini Wallet review for all the details and see how the leather has turned black since I first received it.

What’s your favorite minimalist wallet?

These are my 7 favorite minimalist wallets. At least so far! Now it is your turn. What is your favorite wallet? Let me know in the comments below, or go check out my podcast and comment there!


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