New co-op MMO codenamed “Annex”


Cooperative MMO

game development studio Arctic Theory Has a new detail been revealed this week? Cooperative MMO They are working on it and hope to launch it sometime in 2023. The game studio is made up of veterans from CCP Games and EA, and the project has raised $2 million in funding from an initial seed round completed earlier this year. The team is also in talks with potential publishing partners and plans to raise another funding round sometime in early 2023.

The new game has been codenamed Attachment by the team and takes place in a persistent, single shared world where nature has taken over the remnants of a long lost civilization. As soon as more details are available, including trailers, gameplay, and details of the game’s integral mechanics, we’ll keep you updated as always.

“By finding resources, building infrastructure, and solving logistical challenges, players will alter the landscape of the annexes, creating everything from isolated outposts, trade networks and humble settlements to massive, democratically governed industrial cities.”

Annex Cooperation MMO 2023

“Players will collaborate with each other to explore and exploit the vast landscape and its resources,” explains Creative Director Gísli Konráðsson. “They must learn to create the tools needed to harvest these resources and solve the logistics of transporting and utilizing them. Ultimately, each player contributes to a common goal. Whether it’s a lone prospector in the wilderness, or a new settlement The team that built the factory, the entire player base is working together to make their mark on this incredible world. We are very excited to bring this step in the evolution of MMOs to a game that loves the genre as much as we do Players. It’s going to be a completely unique game experience.”

Source: Arctic Theory

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