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Our Universe Netflix

Netflix releases a new trailer for its new upcoming documentary series our universewill premiere on the streaming service later this month and will be available from November 22, 2022 forward.Dubbed by Morgan Freeman This new science documentary series offers insight into the mysteries of our universe, including a six-part series that takes viewers on a captivating adventure exploring the connections that drive our natural world.

“Telled by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, this is an epic story 13.8 billion years in the making. Blends stunning wildlife footage with jaw-dropping cosmic special effects.”

our universe

“From the birth of the sun to the birth of sea turtles, our universe uses groundbreaking animation to dramatize the spectacular celestial forces that produce our solar system, while modern cameras and CGI technology allow viewers to get up close and personal with some of the most iconic icons on Earth. charismatic animals.”

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