Samsung AI Forum 2022 show latest AI tech


Samsung AI Forum 2022

Samsung is hosting the Samsung AI Forum 2022 from November 8-9, where the company is showcasing its latest AI technologies.

This is the sixth year of Samsung’s artificial intelligence event, which will be broadcast live on its youtube channel.

In the “AI for R&D Innovation” session, SAIT’s research leaders, including SAIT Executive Vice President and Head of AI Research Center Changkyu Choi, shared Samsung’s current status and vision in AI research. Specifically, they discussed how AI technology will have an impact in areas such as semiconductor and materials development.

Minjoon Seo, a professor at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, and Hyunoh Song, a professor at Seoul National University, presented their latest research results on AI algorithms, including ultra-accurate semantics for interfaces based on large language models, at a conference titled “Recent Advances in AI Algorithms” search.

Finally, in a session titled “Large-Scale Computing for AI and HPC,” leading researchers in the field of supercomputers, including former IBM and Intel researcher Alan Gara, discussed the role of AI in the future of high-performance computing. They also presented an insightful case for in-memory processing, an innovative technology supported by the development of next-generation supercomputers.

You can find more details about the Samsung Artificial Intelligence Forum 2022 on the Samsung website via the link below.

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