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Take your baby’s nursery to the next level with these smart nursery gadgets. They track sleep, breathing, and more.

Looking for Nursery Tech? We’re here to help with a list of smart baby tech gadgets that every new parent will love. As a first-time parent, you’re faced with entirely new tasks, such as keeping track of feeds and changing diapers. Thankfully, these gadgets lighten the load.

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We love the smart technology and sleek design of Owlet products. Who can resist a cute sock monitor from Owlet Dream Duo? Then, the Owlet Cam 2 helps predict your baby’s next nap.

Chillax has an innovative baby monitor. Check out the calming lights and sounds of the Chillax Baby Mood Pro. And, if you’re concerned about safety, the ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 has a Wi-Fi security button.

These smart baby tech products give you peace of mind.

1. The Chillax Baby Mood Pro Smart Full HD Display has a calming sheen and shape. It is designed to improve sleep.

Chillax Baby Mood Pro
Chillax Baby Mood Pro on Children’s Dresser

Help your child sleep better with the Chillax Baby Mood Pro Smart Full HD Display. It’s a mood light, sleep trainer and baby monitor in one device. Plus, its soothing sound and soft glow keep your baby comfortable.

Pre-order on the official website for $299.99 – orders will ship by the end of November.

2. The eufy Smart Sock series baby monitor tracks your baby’s sleep status, heart rate and movement to keep you informed.

eufy baby smart socks
eufy Smart Sock on a baby

Keep abreast of your baby’s condition eufy Smart Sock Series Baby Monitors. This monitor comes with a small foot monitor that allows you to track parameters like sleep and heart rate from anywhere. It sends all data to your phone.

Pre-order this gadget for $399.99 on the official website. It will be released in April 2023.

3. The Owlet Cam 2 Smart HD Video Baby Monitor is a stylish technology for nurseries. HD video makes you feel like you are there.

Smart baby tech every new parent will love
Owlet Cam 2 Color Options

More than just a baby monitor, Owlet Cam 2 Smart HD Video Baby Monitor Help you understand when and why your baby needs you. The Owlet Dream App also takes the guesswork out of nap time with its predictive sleep technology. This is one of our favorite smart baby tech gadgets.

Get it for $159.

4. Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Premium Keep parents and babies happy with stories, videos and games.

Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Premium Introductory Video

Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Premium lets you check on and entertain your kids anytime. Play one of the educational games and picture books on the parent unit screen.

Get it on the official website for $179.99.

5. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor lets you know how your baby changes in the crib. It tracks RPM and sleep.

Smart baby tech every new parent will love
Miku Pro and case

Rest easier knowing that the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s minute-by-minute breathing and sleep patterns. This ensures that your baby will not be disturbed while sleeping. Even better, this gadget can grow with your little one as it stretches into a larger child’s bed.

Get it on Amazon for $399.

6. The Littlebird Toddler CareTracker allows you to observe your children and know where they are when they are with their caregivers.

Littlebird Toddler CareTracker Product Video

Does your child spend time with a caregiver? Improve your child’s health with the Littlebird Toddler CareTracker child tracker. Designed for kids ages 1-5, this device offers 24/7 cellular connectivity, GPS tracking, and more. It belongs on any smart baby tech product list.

Pre-order it on the official website for $299.

7. The Hubble Connected Grow+ Smart Bluetooth Baby Scale helps you track your baby’s growth. It connects with any device.

Smart baby tech every new parent will love
Hubble Connects Growing+ with Babies and Moms

Track your baby’s growth even easier with the Hubble Connected Grow+ Smart Bluetooth Baby Scale. It connects to any device (Android/iOS) and sends your baby’s weight data directly to you.

Get it on Amazon for $79.99.

8. The Chillax Daily Baby DM640 4.3-inch Baby Monitor has a Wi-Fi toggle switch that easily blocks all remote access.

ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640
Chillax Daily Baby DM640 with toys

Use a safe baby monitor Chillax Daily Baby Dm640 4.3″ Baby Monitor.Its Wi-Fi toggle switch ensures your privacy. Additionally, you can choose who sees your child and when to use the remote sharing feature.

Get it on the official website for $139.99.

9. Cubtale Nursing Tracker for Parents helps you keep track of all those feedings, diaper changes, and more. It can even organize information for your pediatrician.

Cubtale on the medicine shelf

Keeping track of feed, medication and diaper changes can be challenging. A parent’s Cubtale care tracker can help. It records events such as sleep and breastfeeding duration. Plus, it works with your smartwatch and voice assistant, which is why it’s one of our favorite smart baby tech gadgets.

Get one for $49 on the official website.

10. The Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitoring System gives you all the insights of your baby’s sleep such as wake up, heart rate and more.

Smart baby tech every new parent will love
Owlet Dream Duo Baby Sock Monitor

Get a complete picture of your baby’s sleep with the Owlet Dream Duo smart baby monitoring system. It consists of a sock monitor, an HD Owlet Cam and a digital sleep coach that uses artificial intelligence to scan the data and provide personalized insights.

Get it on the official website for $369.

These smart tech gadgets for nursery allow you to track your baby’s health and sleep so you’re always where you need to be. Which would you buy? tell us!

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