Smart muscles, anyone? 5 gadgets to make your fitness regimen fun


A good workout needs some “add-ons”—songs, smartwatches, or apps—to make exercising fun. We’ve listed five smart choices for your fitness regimen.

smart water bottle
A bottle with a Bluetooth connection, or a “self-cleaning” bottle? These might be useful for fitness freaks. Hidrate Spark (Rs 10,999) is a smart water bottle that glows when it wants to remind you to take a sip. It connects via Bluetooth to track your water intake. Phillips Water GoZero (Rs 7,999) is another smart product that comes with VC LED technology to clean and sanitize your bottle every two hours.

track time
Smartwatches are now a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. If you have an iPhone, go for the Apple Watch SE (get Apple’s best at Rs 29,999). If you want a basic smartwatch, the Realme Watch 3 Pro (Rs 4,999) is a solid choice. You can also opt for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Rs 10,999) as it syncs perfectly with all Android phones. The Garmin Venue Sq 2 (Rs 27,990) is perfect if you love the outdoors.

hit those “tracks”
Finding the right headphones can be a challenge and depends on the ecosystem you’re in. AirPods Pro (Rs 26,990) are water and sweat resistant, making them perfect for iPhone users. The Sony WF-SP800N (Rs 12,290) is IP55 rated for sweat, water and dust resistance. They also fit nicely. For those who own an Android phone, the OnePlus Buds Pro (Rs 9,999) is another great option.

stay healthy app
Nike Training Club is a free app for tracking your fitness activity. It gives you workout options ranging from 20 minutes to an hour. Strava (free with in-app purchases from Rs 190 per month) is another great option for running, cycling and other activities. Strava syncs with most devices (phones, smartwatches, heart rate monitors) and records all performance metrics.

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