Synology WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 router


Synology WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Synology launches new Wi-Fi 6 router this month with Synology WRX560, provides users with configurable 2.5 GbE WAN/LAN ports capable of supporting high-performance devices as well as super-fast speeds, the Internet plan calls Synology. The WRX560 router supports mesh configuration with other Synology routers for “Consistent, high-speed whole-home coverage” under a single Wi-Fi name. Allows you to easily expand your home wireless network by adding additional wireless routers or Wi-Fi points.

Synology Wi-Fi 6 Router

Synology WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Specifically designed and created to provide a “family friendly” experience. The new Wi-Fi 6 routers are available globally now in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, the US, Europe and Hong Kong, and will be available across Japan in a few days from November 10, 2022.

“Additionally, compatibility with the newly licensed 5.9 GHz spectrum provides access to interference-free frequency bands for potentially higher connection speeds or dedicated wireless backhaul. SRM is known for its popularity among router enthusiasts, It includes many advanced networking features, including VPN server hosting, fine-grained control of device bandwidth usage on the network, and VLAN network segmentation.”

VPN function

– VPN Plus: Ideal for remote workers and office use, VPN Plus quickly establishes a secure connection to the internal network behind a router, bridging multiple locations together via a secure IPsec tunnel to share resources between different networks, and from anywhere with remote desktop capabilities.
– Traffic Management: The WRX560’s built-in traffic management tool provides users with precise control and monitoring of their network traffic. With the ability to view detailed application and device traffic information and the ability to apply traffic shaping and quality of service policies, users can optimize their networks for their specific needs.
– VLAN Network Segmentation: The VLAN Network Segmentation feature allows users to create VLANs and define custom firewall rules, quality of service policies, and access policies for each VLAN. For home users, VLAN network segmentation is most commonly used to isolate vulnerable IoT devices from the main network to protect PCs and NAS from potential intrusions.

Synology Wi-Fi 6 Router Companion App

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