The 12 best smart home holiday gift ideas of 2022


  • price: $59
  • Technical Specifications: Tap Gesture | Temperature Sensor | Eero Built-in | Parental Controls | 1 Year Amazon Kids+ | 3.9″ x 3.9″ x 1.7″

If you have kids and an Amazon Echo device at home, you probably already appreciate having a smart voice assistant with kids.

My kids love asking Alexa and Siri questions and jokes—especially having them turn on “party mode,” which triggers the lights in our living room to change color while the Trolls soundtrack plays. This new Echo Dot Kids with parental controls is a great fit.

why would they like it

The 5th generation Echo Dot Kids is a visually appealing speaker featuring an owl or dragon character that is the perfect addition to a playroom. Aside from the visuals, kids will love the features of Alexa.

Echo Dot Kits come with a one-year subscription to Amazon+ Kids, which provides access to kid-friendly audiobooks, interactive games, and Alexa educational skills. Plus, the voice assistant can even help them with their homework.

You’ll also love The Echo Dot Kids’ parental controls. Alexa can intelligently filter explicit songs and ensure kid-friendly responses. The parental dashboard can also control daily time limits, view recent activity, and lock down emergency contacts so kids can make calls in an emergency.

The device can be used as a smart voice assistant, Eero wifi extender, as well as an electronic educator for children. Your kids can ask Alexa questions and jokes, giving you 20 minutes to read this article, along with other ZDNET gift guides.


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