This gadget could turn your M1 Mac into a productivity beast


If you own an M1 or M2 Mac and you’ve always wished you could add some extra screen to it, now you can. A new USB-C dock lets you add up to four external monitors, which is far more than Apple’s chip supports by default.

However, so many monitors come at a price — it may not be the best choice for every kind of work or play.

Apple MacBook with four additional monitors added.

By default, the Apple M1 chip can support one or two external monitors. For MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, only one monitor can be plugged into the USB-C port. The Mac mini can handle one monitor via USB-C and one monitor via HDMI. That’s more than enough for most users, but for those who need more, Plugable has an interesting selection of gadgets — but with a few caveats.

The solution is a USB to HDMI adapter that adds support for up to four external displays. It plugs into the USB-C port on the M1 Mac. Then connect the monitor directly to the dock. However, forget about any fancy monitors for this – all monitors max out at 1,920 x 1,080 and 60Hz, which means standard resolution and standard refresh rate without any bells and whistles.

At the time of writing, the dock is $120 and is available at There aren’t many opportunities to turn your Mac into a killer productivity tool, but that’s what a docking station is all about.

Plugable USB-C Dock for M1 Mac.

Combined with the multitasking capabilities of the M1 and M2 chips, it’s a great performer, and if you’re working with spreadsheets or documents a lot, you’ll probably love this gadget. On the other hand, if you’re using your Mac for creative work or gaming, the quality of the display may detract from your workload, depending on your workload.

This was first spotted by AppleInsider. Plugable says the new dock can also be used with Windows machines, adding up to eight monitors if two adapters are used. You’ll need a powerful computer to run all these monitors seamlessly, though. All in all, the gadget is compatible with macOS 11 and later, as well as Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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