Vedanta provides gadgets to curb forest fires


Vedanta Aluminium provides leaf blowers to the Jharsuguda District Forest Office to assist the district government’s efforts to mitigate nearby forest fires.

CEO-Vedanta Limited, Jharsuguda, Sunil Gupta handing over the leaf blower to District Forest Officer Jharsuguda Lalit Kumar Patra. Since most fire accidents are ground fires caused by the accumulation of flammable materials such as dry leaves and branches, simple but effective measures such as leaf blowers can go a long way towards preventing forest fire accidents.

Commenting on Vedanta Aluminium’s safety-first culture, CEO Gupta said: “Initiatives like this to support local government preparedness are one of the many ways we can help protect our communities. The ethos of zero harm, zero waste and zero emissions has It’s instilled in our DNA.”


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