Volkswagen ID Buzz driver assistance systems


Volkswagen ID Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz will feature a range of innovative driver assistance systems, which will include assisted lane changes using swarm data, known as Travel Assist. We’ve already seen a range of features the vehicle will be equipped with.

There’s also Park Assist Plus that learns from your parking maneuvers and can then repeat them on its own.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

With a brief tap on the turn signal stalk, the vehicle can perform an assisted lane change on the highway. It can use swarm data, or it can learn repetitive parking maneuvers: Volkswagen IDs.buzzing
New intelligent assistance systems are being introduced that can make driving more convenient and improve safety. This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to making the latest technology available to a broad customer base as early as possible.

“In the ID card. Buzz, iconic design combined with innovative technology, which is reflected in the new convenience and assistance systems. We are taking advantage of the latest Travel Assist to take the next step on the road to highly autonomous driving. “This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering premium technology and innovation in as many models as possible. “

You can find more details on the innovative range of driver assistance systems from Volkswagen ID Buzz at the link below.

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