Why Sam Mendes Took A Minimalistic Approach To The James Bond Gadgets In Skyfall


In the gap between “Quantum of Solace” and “Skyfall,” a lot of changes had to be made to get the characters back on track, and it appears Mendes took that request seriously. In the director’s review of the film, he recounted how he and his team “talked a lot about Bond gadgets” and confirmed his love of classic 007 technology. But when it came time to design the tools Daniel Craig’s super spy would use, the director explained that he did so in a world that was more advanced than earlier Bond films:

“We have to face the fact that most gadgets are now available at the Apple Store or similar, and unless it’s related to weapons, there’s almost nothing you can imagine that doesn’t exist.”

So Mendez decided to “go back to basics,” focusing on Bond’s weapons and playing on his film’s themes by mixing “old and new.” By offering 007 his traditional Walther PPK, but adding the “twist” of a palmprint scanner, the director was able to accomplish his mission. He did so by working with Walther to redesign the handle of the gun to include new technology, according to his comments, which he commented “seems to give it a bit of character”.


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