Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22623.885


Windows 11 Insider Preview builds

Microsoft today announced the release of its latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22621.885Bring new features and versions 22623.885 New features are turned off by default. The latest preview build is now available for download through the Beta channel, and Insiders who previously used Build 22622 will be automatically migrated to Build 22623 via an enablement package, Microsoft said.

Features in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build include the ability to access Windows Studio effects from quick settings, energy recommendations, expanded views in widgets, and several changes, tweaks, enhancements, and improvements.

“Need more space for your widget board? Can’t see everything at a glance? We’re trying some changes to allow you to expand the size of your widget board. We’re starting to roll out energy under Settings > System > Power & Battery > Energy Suggestions Recommendations. Review and apply these recommendations to improve your PC’s energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.”

Windows 11 Insider Preview builds

“For devices with a supported Neural Processing Unit (NPU), Windows Studio effects can now be accessed directly from the quick settings on the taskbar. This enables enabling and configuring camera effects (background blur, eye contact and auto-framing) and audio effects (Voice Focus) becomes quick and easy. You can still access these effects in the settings page if you want.”

“The enablement package artificially increases the build number of the update and rolls out and turns on the new feature to make it easier to distinguish updated devices that have the feature turned off by default. This method is only used in the Beta channel and does not imply any final feature rollout. Changes or schedules. New features (Build 22621.xxxx) are turned off by default Insiders into the group can check for updates and choose to install updates that will roll out features (Build”

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