Wuben X2 2,500 lumen mini flashlight from $68


Five X2 flashlights

This Uben X2 is pocket size and light weight, but powerful flashlight Launched on Kickstarter this month, with nearly 1,000 backers and 22 days left, it has already surpassed its required pledge goal. Features multiple lighting modes and an innovative charging lanyard.The flashlight is IP 68 waterproof and capable of generating 2500 lumens of light. by”Micro-arc oxidation ceramic coating“The flashlight can be charged by USB-C fast charging port.

Uben X2

Early bird commitments are now available for unique items priced around $68 or £59 (depending on current exchange rate)offering about 30% off the retail price, while a Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

“The X2 is the brightest pocket flashlight with a size of up to 2,500 lumens. It makes you feel like you have a mini sun in your hand and you’ll never be trapped in the dark even on the quietest nights. Despite its small size, the X2’s Brightness rivals that of a tactical flashlight or a hand-held spotlight. Whether you’re hunting, hiking, camping or exploring, it takes visibility into your surroundings to a new level.”

Five X2 flashlights

Assuming the Wuben X2 crowdfunding campaign successfully raises its required commitment target and the project goes well, global shipments are expected to take place sometime around January 2023. To learn more about the Wuben X2 flashlight project, check out the promotional video below.

“It’s easy to clutter your pockets with lanyards, charging cables and other EDC tools, not to mention that wired items tend to get tangled up in each other. Now, with the versatile charging lanyard, you can take your X2 anywhere and Charge the X2 hands-free and low battery worry-free.”

Five X2 flashlight features

“The USB Type C charging cable not only charges the X2, but also charges your other devices through the Type C charging port, so you and your electronics are ready for your adventure.”

For a full list of all available special commitments, stretch goals, additional media and technical specs for the flashlight, please visit the link below to jump to the official Wuben X2 crowdfunding campaign page.

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